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"Carpe Diem"

Our Mission

-FMK Advertising- FMK Communications- FMK Branding & Marketing - FMK-Digital & Social Media (FMK)- FMK has developed a keen understanding of the relationship between information and quality of life. We have also developed a reputation for meeting clients' mission-oriented goals in a dynamic environment that requires us to be both responsive and flexible to change. We are an invisible partner to our clients in helping them attain their mission and goals on federal, state, and local government levels. Information must be not only informative; it must be timely and accurate. We strive to be creative, innovative, but at the sometime keeping in mind our client's goal and mission. FMK's growth is both guided and in concert with the direction of its client program activities. What's more, FMK is prepared to meet all future challenges as client priorities and the field of information technology evolves. We are an agile, innovative market-driven multimedia information management and dissemination company. We are creators of innovative media opportunities and communications solutions that support the full range of client objectives, We grow market share, create marketplaces and maintain financial strength by acquiring, creating and continually improving products, services and multi-media channels. At FMK we take pride in knowing that every member of our company has a passion for communications. We support philanthropic efforts that benefit outcomes and encourage learning and innovation.

Who Are We?

Since 1993, FMKgroup LLC has become a high quality services and brands provider of advertising, digital & social media, outreach, strategic communications, branding & marketing, event and information management support services. FMK is a Woman-Owned small business, we hold small business certification by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Economically Disadvantaged (EDWOSB), Minority Women Small Business Enterprise (M/W/SBE) certification by the various state agencies, General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules, government contracts and other government wide contract vehicles that make hiring FMK easy and cost-efficient. Serving federal and state/local governments entities are a few of FMK's specialties. We help our government clients achieve their project goals. These efforts are geared to promote federal government agency missions, goals and services. FMK assists the government in implementing reform and change in their respective departments and to educate and provide accurate information. We help the government respond to the public seeking the accurate information and much more. At FMK, we provide experience in full scope, we believe in our products and services and offer FMK partners with its clients to solve complex problems, reduce taxpayer costs, apply best-of-breed systems solutions and provide long-term benefits for U.S. citizens.

Our Services

Rejections waste resources and impede marketing process, today's information explosion can lead to information overload, this is where FMK's management experts come in, implementing comprehensive services and products to help you collect, analyze, package, and disseminate information that's timely and on target. It's one more way FMK define services. FMK defines service to government and private sector clients by establishing partnerships-blending our staff expertise with yours to provide seamless, integrated top-quality solutions that meet specific needs. FMK understands that when working with government agencies and others in the private sector, we must earn your trust as a leading-edge outsourcer. Once we earn that trust, we work even harder to provide desired results. Once FMK establishes a work agreement, no task is too small and no challenge is too large. FMK staffs up-and keep up-with all our clients changing needs. FMK has a over 22-year history of success and our employees are all dedicated to ensuring that our clients' mission, goals and project needs are carried out according to established requirements. We extend our service-oriented values throughout the company. We help our clients by using our services and products to protect, enhance, develop and defend their enterprise value; we combine global reach with critical local knowledge. We also have built an unrivaled depth of industry and interdisciplinary expertise so that clients have access to professionals who are focused on their particular sector; have a broad network of relationships with key influencers; and provide services and products based on in-depth industry knowledge and experience.